Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

10 advantages of digital marketing over traditional communication

Marketers in Mauritius are still focusing a lot on paper ads and billboards forgetting that digital marketing offers many benefits compare to the old fashion way. Actually, the perfect strategy is a clever combination of both. But in the Mauritian context, the possibilities offered by online communication are often overlooked.

So let me convince you to add digital marketing to your global strategy.

1. Everybody plays on the same field

Size doesn’t matter as much on internet. Smaller businesses can still reach their audience through quality content, social medias and cleverly targeted advertising. A nice customer journey and a buzz can get awesome results online.

2. Digital marketing is cheaper

Traditional channels (TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, aso.) all share one thing in common. They are expensive!

It is possible to implement a full online marketing strategy for less than one billboard price. That makes it a no-brain er for small businesses as well as for the bigger ones.

3. You can accurately measure the benefits of your online strategy

Digital marketing allows you measure your benefits in real time with accurate data. Tools like Google Analytics and many others can track your goals. This statistics are really important to improve your marketing strategy.

4. No waiting

You can launch a Facebook or Google ad campaign in minutes (but please spend some time working on your targeting strategy before!). And you can observe the results in real time.

5. Improvement of your marketing strategy

There is a lot of data that can be used to refine your digital marketing strategy. Email opening rates, advertising conversion rate, type of audience… There is a lot of information that helps fine tune your customer journey.

choose change to future or same the past

6. Brand quality

Showing off your knowledge to the world through quality content is the best way to prove your expertise. Talk about your customers problems and solutions. Your potential customers will know that you care and that you are the most fitted to help them.

7. Greater exposure

Your business can be found from anywhere in the world. Your investment on SEO content will pay in he long run. And for direct results, you can target just almost everybody through social medias like Facebook (96% usage in Mauritius according to Statsmonkey).

8. It’s viral

When you get a flyer in a mall, how often do you copy it and share it with your friends ?

But through social medias, people are used to share their points of interest with all their friends. So quality content can reach a huge amount of potential customers. A Facebook user has an average of 190 friends that that share their friends content. Just do the maths…

9. Engagement

Digital marketing allows you to encourage people to provide you feedback about your products and services. Ask your prospects, customers, followers to rate, comment, share. You have a direct line of both ways communication (both ways!) that no other media will provide you. Use it to test your market, adapt your products and services, improve…

10. It is an investment on the long run

Each content you put online will improve your visibility on search engines. The more you post, the more you will see benefits over time. With the right keyword strategy and SEO writing skills, you will appear more frequently on popular searches in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

So are you convinced you should think better about your digital marketing strategy? Do you have things to say about it?

Please give us your feed back on the comments below. We will be delighted to hear about you and answer any question you have!




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