Marketing Strategy

How marketing strategy can make you a superstar.

You are a one person business, a medium size company or a global group? You need to tune your marketing strategy for effectiveness. So you want to be a marketing superstar?

First notice, the amount of money wasted on advertising is huge. Common mistake are:

  • targeting the wrong audience
  • sending the wrong message
  • not converting the audience into customers

Professional communication is not as easy as it looks. Different skills are needed. You can’t do everything by yourself. But creating the right marketing strategy is something you have to care about. Don’t worry, we can help you.

Your marketing strategy depends on your budget.

Whatever is your business, you need a dedicated budget for communication. It is how you reach your market.

If you already are a main actor in your domain, two possibilities. You have a public relations company or a dedicated team. Careful, the bigger the budget, the more people tend to waste it.

In Mauritius, big brands already master their offline marketing channels. They also are bad at online communication.

When you plan your marketing strategy, take a closer look at your digital budget. It offers the best ROI so don’t neglect it.

If you are a small or medium sized business, offline channels are expensive. So you have to focus on digital marketing.

The tools to reach your market

Depending on your budget, those are the

  1. Branding: Logo, business cards, flyers, advertising brochure, aso. This is your brand, hire a professional designer. You’ll be happy about it later.
  2. Basic online presence: Every company needs a website and a facebook page. Also register on Google My Business.
  3. Blog: Don’t neglect content creation. Content is an investment. It boost your visibility on search engines, create a community and add a barrier for later coming competitors.
  4. Leverage social medias: In Mauritius, Facebook is the best place to start. Youtube videos are great but more expensive to produce. Depending on your market, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.
  5. Online advertising: Google, Facebook and Youtube offers different types of advertising. They are also a good way to lose money for nothing if you don’t plan your campaign well. I will speak in a later post about how to create an efficient advertising campaign.
  6. Public relations: maybe your product or service can get some media attention. If you have something innovative, you can try to inform newspapers, radio, television. It just costs a few time. I am not talking about media advertising here, that is different budget.
  7. On site actions: It depends on your market. Planning flyers distribution or events can be effective in reaching your potential customers.
  8. Billboards, radio, TV spots, the expensive ones. If you have the budget, do it! It helps create brand awareness, especially in Mauritius.

There are also online and offline specialized platforms that can market your products. O’trendi and Bon’App are some good examples of platforms that get you customers for cheap. Search for the ones that fit in your marketing strategy.

Wow, that is a lot to manage, how can I do that?

Yes, it takes time and a lot of different skills. Seek help of experts.

Problems with your branding and digital marketing? We offer cheap packages for small and medium businesses.

You are already a big guy? We can design a special offer for you.

You like / don’t like this article? You have things to say about marketing strategy? Please comment below!

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